Zoho CRM and WhatsApp with SAGITAZ

Zoho CRM y WhatsApp

Zoho CRM and WhatsApp have come to SAGITAZ to stay

When we had the opportunity to partner with an application that has successfully integrated WhatsApp and Zoho CRM, we didn’t hesitate. That’s exactly what WOZTELL has done. An integration between Zoho CRM and WhatsApp that works perfectly. Imagine all the possibilities that this integration opens up for you. It’s fantastic what you can do in your business.

At SAGITAZ we are a Premium Partner of Zoho, the best CRM in the world. Now we have the honor of telling our customers that we have another powerful tool like WOZTELL. Zoho has 50 million users worldwide and WhatsApp 1300 million. Seeing these numbers gives you an idea of how great this is.

What improvements will your Zoho CRM have with the integration of WhatsApp?

You can fully integrate Zoho CRM with WhatsApp. For example, over 40 CRM applications such as Zoho One, Zoho Desk, etc. Most importantly, there is no longer a need to download WhatsApp Web. Or vary different applications and tabs in order to manage your company’s communications with WhatsApp. Everything will be in one place: your company’s Zoho CRM.

The integration between Zoho CRM and WhatsApp was highly anticipated by users.

That is why a high quality, well developed and 100% functional integration like WOZTELL has arrived. So you can send all WhatsApp messages to customers, leads, contacts, etc. directly from your company’s CRM.

Through the Zoho Cliq interface, you can use instant messaging as well as save all messages automatically. You can also do this with the data shared in communications within the Zoho CRM.

The good thing about having everything integrated into one place is that you will be able to view contacts and leads in a related way, for example.
All in one tab and you can see the shared messages and files. This allows you to track and control communications. From here you can gather input for analysis of customer service communications and marketing campaigns.

In addition to saving on the use of CRM data, you can create workflows that are based on the messages. This means that the tool can create automated messages that are based on the contents of the communications. Furthermore, this allows you to have fluid communication with your customers and leads as you can respond quickly and effectively. This is useful for the first communications and will save you time as well as improve customer service.

Marketing campaigns with integrated Zoho CRM and WhatsApp

  • Now you can plan your marketing campaigns in a different way. Thanks to the integrated WhatsApp, your marketing campaigns can be directed to the contacts and leads you to choose with full customization. This means that you can configure not only who to send the promotional message to but also when (date and time). You can create personalized messages or create templates and use them.
  • Another interesting feature of this integration between Zoho CRM and WhatsApp is being able to see all of WhatsApp’s messaging, e-mails, calls, and customer data in one place.
  • In addition to seeing all of this in one place, you can manage it and take action.
  • The feature of being able to send notifications to your customers by SMS is highlighted. This is very useful when you need to send important notifications and your customers are not connected to the internet.
  • In addition, it is also possible to control messages and block users when they send inappropriate content. Along with this, you can give the user options to unsubscribe from this type of communication.

Thanks to this powerful tool your business will be able to boost and optimize your sales, marketing, customer service, and logistics team, among others.

Above all, with WOZTELL you will have multiple possible applications and by using this integration you will be redesigning for good the communication process with your customers, replacing the mailing channel as the main one by another one much more effective and dynamic.

Finally, the best of all is that thanks to the fact that we have become WOZTELL’s Golden Partners we can now offer this great integration tool in the best way. If you contact us today we can inform you of the great possibilities this has for your business and give you the best advice and offers. Do not hesitate and contact us now, you will not regret it.