Zoho Campaigns and GDPR. Get the consent from your users and obey the law

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will affect to your email campaigns because you need to get the consent from your subscribers before sending them your emails. In this post we tell you how Zoho has been adapted to the new requirements of European’s rule and how Zoho Campaigns is protecting the users.

With 130+ on-premise and cloud applications used by 30+ million users across 190 countries, Zoho is gearing up to be GDPR compliant across all of its applications, by the time the regulation comes into effect. As a data processor, Zoho understand how importat is to assure the safaty of data users and they rights are totally covered. 

How Zoho Campaigns is preparing to obey GDPR?

-Making sure all data are safe and encripted.

-Not sharing data with third parties.

-Ofering the possibility to Zoho’s clients to modify, update and delete their data or their account if they require.

-Creating consent emails to get the permission of subscribers.

-Adding in the footer of the newsletter the possibility to the users to update and cancel their subscription.

-Allowing data transfer to other UE data center or other competitor.

How to create a consent email with Zoho Campaigns

The Zoho Campaigns Manage Consent feature lets users send emails to their subscribers asking them for their consent to receive future newsletters. This feature helps Zoho Campaigns user to maintain mailing lists which contain only interested subscribers and help remove subscribers who have not given consent.

Creating a consent email for your subscribers allows you to get their permission before sending out newsletters about your business or product. This is a two step process: add basic details for the consent email and creating content for the consent email.

Add basic details for the consent email

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, select Subscribers and click Manage Consent.
  2. Click Create Consent Email on the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter a name for the email.
  4. Select to send the consent email to:
  5. Implied Subscribers: Subscribers you have added manually or imported.
  6. Expired Subscribers: Subscribers you have not contacted for the past six months.
  7. Check the Recur option if you want to send this email at periodic intervals.
  8. If you want this email to recur, set the recurrence interval.
  9. Choose recipients from across all lists or from a specific list.
  10. Click Create.


Creating content for the consent email

  1. Add basic details for your consent email and click Next.
  2. To add a consent merge tag to the email, first select the email template to use.
  3. To configure the content for your email, follow one of these two methods:
  4. Navigate through Email Template’s Editor and select Merge Tags on the top-left corner. Select Header and Footer Merge Tag from the drop-down and click Subscriber Confirmation. Click Save.
  5. Add the merge tag $[LI:EMAILCONSENT]$ in the editor area and click Save. Click Save and Proceed and then Next.
  6. Click Start Now to start the consent series immediately or click Schedule for Later to send it at a specified time.

Zoho Campaigns adds so many other features:

-Create a reminder email (maximum 2)to be sent to recipients who have not replied to your original email.

-View list of consent emails

-View status (draft, reviewed, sent, active, disabled), la fecha y hora en la que enviaste el email.

-View reports.

-Setup a consent email confirmation template to be sent to subscribers who have given consent to receive your newsletters.

-Migrate the subscribers who have given consent into Zoho CRM (provided they are configured as leads in CRM). 

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