Working from home with ZOHO and WhatsApp Business

Trabajo desde casa con ZOHO CRM y WhatsApp Business

Working from home with ZOHO using WhatsApp Business is expanding rapidly around the world.

While it was already a global trend, remote working has become a must in much of the planet due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a major test for the world that has had to be implemented due to unfortunate conditions. But from the point of view of the world of work, it is a test of how teleworking, working from home or remote work is going to work.

It is a great advantage for those who already implement these modalities of work and a challenge for those who had not yet done so and now have no other option. The good news is that thanks to brands like ZOHO there are excellent business solutions.

This is the case with ZOHO’s CRM in which it is possible to integrate WhatsApp Business. The great advantage of this tool is that every aspect of the business is handled from the same place. Being able to integrate WhatsApp Business into CRM provides a great communication advantage.

All sales, marketing, customer service, and logistics can be handled from there. You can also analyze the data and actions that are recorded in the CRM. In this way, the actions taken by the organization can be improved. Everything is measurable and can be improved and this is undoubtedly a great advantage.

That powerful WhatsApp tool acquired by Facebook a few years ago has the great advantage of being used by more than 2 billion users.

The use of WhatsApp is becoming more and more widespread for companies. The enterprise version of this instant messaging application provides more benefits to be taken advantage of in the business. The problem was that to see WhatsApp you had to go in and out of one window to another.

See the CRM on one side and the WhatsApp activity on the other. By having it integrated within the customer relationship management system (CRM), you get a great comfort to work.

The communications integrated into the CRM with WhatsApp increase the productivity of your company.

This is a fact because, in the beginning, WhatsApp was only used for communication with customers but now it is used for sales. Imagine the power your business will have with software like ZOHO that covers every aspect of every type of business and Whatsapp for the Enterprise integrated.

Among the many options and features you have with ZOHO’s integrated Whatsapp you have the ability to automate messaging. Chatbots are one of the outstanding features you will have. With them, you can set up automatic messages that give quick answers to your leads and customers.

This way, they will feel support and effective answer to their questions in the first instance.

Then the agents will receive these messages filtered by the chatbots and will be able to better target their responses. Not only does this save time and resources, but it also improves your customers’ experience.

This can be configured and improved according to how the exchanges are taking place since, as we said before, everything is recorded to be able to analyze and improve. When agents have real-time contact, other departments will be able to see live conversations and intervene if necessary. Marketing and sales campaigns can also be evaluated. In this way, techniques and strategies can be improved in a measurable and objective way.

For example, enter a lead that comes from an ad you have in a Google Adwords campaign promoting membership for a certain type of business. The chatbot attends to the query based on a series of previously configured responses so that the lead is led to a certain workflow. After a series of messages, the lead will be filtered and ready to be attended by a commercial agent.

Finally, the same with the customer service area. To avoid delays chatbots can solve frequently asked questions by guiding customers in an automated way. Is that great?

Would you like to try ZOHO’s software with WhatsApp for working from home without any obligation? Contact us now to receive more information and we will soon advise you on everything. Many companies are already with SAGITAZ implementing ZOHO’s CRM with WhatsApp Business. Become part of the successful ZOHO community.