When and how to make your SMS Marketing Campaign more effective

An SMS Marketing Campaign can be part of a set of actions that accompany a global campaign such as: launching a new product or service from your company.

It is what Marketing people usually call Subcampaigns. In other words, a set of actions that enhance a more global or strategic objective.

Well, if you are thinking of build an SMS campaign aimed at a segment or sector of your database, I detail some tips that you must take into account so that it is a complete success 😉.

Prior to the preparation of the SMS Campaign

As we contacted at the beginning of the article, an SMS Campaign must be part of a set of attacks programmed in the creation of a global campaign.

For example, you are going to launch a new Customer Service and Care service that will be available on your corporate website on the scheduled date. The company wants to retain its current customers by offering them an annual discount on contracting the service.

That would be the main campaign, the launch of the new service.

As a good manager, you must coordinate with the company management the date guidelines, scope, target audience, etc. in addition to the actions that will accompany and contribute the necessary advances to achieve the objective of the main campaign, with the execution of the secondary or sub-campaigns.

An SMS campaign aimed at your current clients with an operational command profile, would be in this example the sub-campaign pertaining to the main one that would enhance the objective’s reach.

Build your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Based on the fact that you have already coordinated with the company management the guidelines and strategy to follow, I understand that you already have the target audience that will be part of this action, in this targeted SMS message campaign.

Now yes, it would be time to put together those messages of action.

  1. You will come to a more personal medium. Be careful, we are not talking about sending an email to a corporate email but to the person’s phone. Remember that many people in your database will not have at their disposal a phone from their own company and that in most cases it will be a private number.
  2. Be concise, clear and brief. Remember that it is a text SMS message and not an email. Get to the point 🎯
  3. Make the dates clear. In the example we were working on, we were talking about spreading the new service to a current client, which makes the date clear for them to take action and benefit from their loyalty.
  4. Discover the incentive to take action. In this case, the discount that will be applied to you if you take action.
  5. Use URL shorteners to take them to a landig page where they make their decision to contract the new service effective.

And of course, always give the option to unseat your shipments to the recipient. You want to promote sales or cross-sale updates to your current clients, so don’t take it lightly and always give the option to unsubscribe.
It is preferable to lose a subscriber to a customer.

Think about the moment to arrive with your SMS Marketing Campaign

Ok, you already have everything ready and you just need to think about the execution of the Campaign. Remember that you are going to get to a more personal means than the mail, you will go directly to a device that the receiver surely has within its complete reach. So, you have to be very careful in your arrival date and time.

Nobody wants to receive an SMS late at night, on a Sunday or Saturday at nap time 😴

Here it will depend a lot on the sector in which you are moving and you will have to carry out a previous exercise of study and understanding of the behavior of the segment you are going to reach.

As a general rule, avoid leaving commercial times, for example, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. although, as I was saying, this depends a lot on the sector in which you are moving.

You should keep in mind that this type of actions can be lost among other content that the user may have on their mobile device, so I would recommend that you get as close as possible to the date and time ⏰ of the action taken.

A SMS Marketing campaign is a direct impact without bullets in the bedroom because you are reaching the person directly through a medium that for many is personal.

In short, an SMS Marketing Campaign is an action of great impact that would correspond to the set of actions of your main or global Campaign.

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