What problems we had?

It’s 8pm and few people are in the office. I got a SKYPE call : “A few emails that I can’t understand just sent out from one of our email accounts.”

Having someone of the marketing team saying something like that, after having started the day at 6AM, means that you need a coffee and order dinner.

Due to the current situation of remote working, the idea of ​​hiring a junior from the Argentina team to start using the email channel to communicate sounded nice.

Usually, and this is something that we do absolutely wrong, our sources of work are our own clients who request evolutions or introduce us to other new clients, or ZOHO users who are looking for a technological partner with a well-established multidisciplinary team.

My thought was, why not? The approach that someone new will start to work on it and get experience, apart it was proposed to put a variable salary based on the generated qualified leads, it seemed to be a good idea.

I only set one condition: everything must be programmed and executed within our own ZOHO ONE license to avoid losing control and applying a principle of prudence.

Now, after a few hours apologizing we have discovered that having a new worker freshly joined to the team directly in our platform has two problems: we cannot know his work methodology nor his technical knowledge.

What problems have we had?

He wanted to create autoresponder lists based on rules of our CRM as he was obliged to use ZOHO Campaigns to communicate by email. The problem is that to work on ZOHO Campaigns it is good that you train before and do not learn by “touching”, and even less if you work for a hot client like us! The new tech activated a rule with a filter that triggered emails to email accounts which did not expect it (ERROR 1).

To this we must add that he “worked alone” from home during COVID lockdown and an excess of self-confidence betrayed him (ERROR 2).

He has offered our services to some companies, who do not know us, do not expect us, neither it could be possible for us to work for them due to barriers like timezone, language, company maturity level, etc.

We get leads from many sources, being the conversion from our own web pages, with SAGITAZ domain or others, our main source. Tools like HubSpot, BuiltWith, etc., help us to decide how we do retargeting, telemarketing, or contact via LINKEDIN, but we never use the email channel to do SPAM.

Every day I learn something new and this is what I am passionate about in my work.

We apologize to those people who have received one or two unexpected emails, and to their service vendors who have felt annoyed when their customers received our email.

If someone wonders about our ability of communication with ZOHO users, as ZOHO service vendors for 10 years, it is part of our work and our obligation, but if in 10 years we have never moved a customer from another service provider, towards us through malpractice, we are not going to do it now. Our principles remain intact.

Pedro Mary M.
Marketing Manager SagitaZ Corp