What criteria to follow when choosing your technology partner

Qué criterios seguir para la elección de tu partner tecnológico

Take this into account when choosing your technology partner for your business

The criteria for choosing your technology partner are very important as you are selecting a partner in the process of digitizing your business.

Incorporation of technology in the companies that are being digitized is in the direction of betting on greater efficiency. The aim of a business is to obtain solutions that provide benefits and competitive advantages.

Meaning of technological partner. Choosing your technology partner

A technology partner is a partner that any business needs for any type of technology project. This technology partner has to provide you with reliable IT solutions. It must accompany you throughout the project process by providing solutions that fit your business requirements.

Whether the client is a large company, a self-employed person or an SME, the technology partner must have the necessary wisdom and experience. This is important so that the client can assimilate his technology plan to the size and sector of his business. This technology partner must have the capacity to offer a quality service guarantee.

These are the services that a reliable technology partner should be providing:

  • Consulting and advice.
  • Selecting the necessary technology material.
  • Development and implementation of the technological project.
  • Maintenance of everything.
  • Permanent and quality support.
  • Customer service.

Whoever does not provide this minimum of services is not a reliable technological partner. Take into account that not choosing a suitable technological partner can bring you serious economic and all kinds of damages.

Unfortunately, it happens that most companies and businesses with their human resources do not have adequate IT knowledge. Having this knowledge is important for the correct configuration of a valid and complete digital strategy.

When decisions have to be made to buy technology materials, this wisdom and experience should be called upon. When you start a digital transformation process without having the right professional consultancy you run the risk of failure.

It is at this level where the importance of having a reliable technology partner comes in. Any company that wants to transform its organization in the digital sense needs the support, advice, assistance, and guarantees of a technological partner.

How to properly select a technology partner

First, we have to analyze. This is the first step to take, to study the field. Analyze the market of partners and suppliers and also the competition. You must ask yourself how your competition is carrying out technological projects or digitalization processes. What could you do to have a plan that differentiates you from your direct competition?

You have to design a technology strategy and focus on standing out from the competition. But you must inform yourself about the offers of the different potential technology partners in the market.

It is good to think about the real needs of your company. This does not only imply taking into account the technological aspect itself. It also involves thinking about your business sector and the activities involved. You should think about all this based on your investment capabilities and the limitations you have. This is something fundamental that the partner you choose must take into account.

When selecting the technology partner you have to consider the guarantees it offers and the quality of its services.

You must ensure that it is officially certified. The human resources of this partner must be trained and the company must have updated certifications that certify its suitability to handle digitalization processes.

Try to establish fluid communication with your chosen partner. It is very important to maintain excellent communication. If you notice from the beginning of the contact that there is no good communication, you should consider it as a negative signal.

The relationship with the technology partner must be strengthened as it is usually long term. This is why the partner must be present in the company as a consultant and solution generator.

In short, you have to be sure you have chosen a technology partner that is backed by its reputation. It must give you the certainty of being covered for any inconvenience in a professional and fast way.

At SAGITAZ you have a reliable technological partner as an implementer of ZOHO solutions. You can contact us to find out more about us and we will be happy to advise you on everything. Think carefully before hiring a technology partner for your company. Try to apply these criteria when choosing your technology partner. You will avoid several headaches when you get a reliable partner for your business.