New prices for WOZTELL

Nuevos precios de WOZTELL

WARNING! The pricing table is not updated in this post. Click here to access the new WOZTELL plans.

We inform about the new prices of WOZTELL as Golden Partners.

As WOZTELL Golden partners we want to inform you of the price change that has occurred in the integration of ZOHO and WhatsApp Business in order to adapt to any type of company. Both for small, medium and large companies. Also, remember that no credit card is required for payments. Here are the different plans:

FREE TRIAL: Verified company WhatsApp Business account.
ZOHO’s verified WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM business account at no cost:

  • WhatsApp Corporate Verified Number
  • Unlimited session messages at no cost.
  • Unlimited sharing of conversations by agents.
  • It is possible to see the delivery status of messages.
  • You have a view inside each contact or lead of the conversations.
  • Use is available with one contact only.


The price is $83 per month if paid annually and $99 if paid quarterly.
In addition to everything included in the free trial plan you have these features:

  • Your own verified WhatsApp business phone number.
  • WhatsApp conversations are available in your contacts and leads.
  • Webhooks are included for sending messages from third party tools.
  • The servers are located in Singapore and Frankfurt.
  • Unlimited use with contacts.


The price is $210 per month with the annual payment and $249 with the monthly or quarterly payment.

These features are added together:

  • Start conversations outside the 24-hour window.
  • Plan marketing campaigns using Templates.
  • Massive delivery through templates.
  • WhatsApp message controls and quality ratings.
  • You can have optional number of WhatsApp.

In the totality of plans you have these functions:

  • You can store unlimited files and messages.
  • Possibility of switching by mistake to SMS.
  • Workflows are based on incoming messages
  • Files with external URLs are shared from within the CRM.
  • Conversations are linked to contacts with WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp conversations can be intelligently searched.
  • New conversation alerts.
  • Sales signals.
  • WhatsApp dashboards are available.
  • You have a security protocol for unknown contacts.
  • You can block contacts.
  • Emojis are available.
  • GDPR rules are met with the Frankfurt server.

Please note that the templates provided may have an extra cost. WOZTELL does not have profit margins on WhatsApp template message prices. You can see the official prices at this link: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/pricing

It should be considered that functions may be modified and limited according to variations in providers’ services. For example, vendors such as ZOHO, SalesForce, AWS, WhatsApp, or for commercial reasons.

Local taxes such as VAT and taxes on services and goods, among others, will be charged separately from the prices listed above. Training and installation costs may also apply. If you have any questions about the new prices of WOZTELL you can contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible for advice.