Marketing and Sales improvement case in the Technology sector

Caso de mejora del Marketing y Ventas en el sector Tecnológico

Example of success with SAGITAZ in ZOHO implementations Case of Marketing and Sales improvement in the Technology sector.

This new example we are going to see from a client who has taken the step to modernize its business organization focuses on improving marketing and sales in the technology sector.

Improving marketing and sales in the technology sector and in any sector is a must for any business that wants to move forward. Let’s look at the case of this company that had certain demands for improving marketing and sales. And how ZOHO’s solutions through SAGITAZ met these requirements.

In this case, as we said, this client is a company belonging to the technology sector. It has its own staff in different departments within its business organization. For example, it has an administration department, a sales department. Also, the marketing department, and a systems department.

What does this customer in the technology sector specifically do

The main lines of business of this company are based on providing high-performance technological solutions in the industrial and infrastructure framework. They also revolve around advising the industrial and infrastructure market. They are helping to manage the generation and exploitation of information in real-time.

What were the needs of this company to request solutions from ZOHO

It was vital for them to be able to control the sales process in each of their states and the results obtained. As well as the involvement of the marketing department in the volume of sales. In addition, the strong point of the change had to be the automation of the current processes.

Moreover, it was very important to be able to control and monitor the sales processes in order to measure and evaluate the results. This would allow them to better understand how the marketing and sales departments work. Along with this, they need to implement improvements in these departments in order to increase the sales and growth of the company.

But, along with this, the most important thing was to be able to automate the workflows of the business organization. To leave behind old work processes that took up staff time and increased costs unnecessarily. The company needed to be smarter and more efficient.

Customized solution for this technology company

In order to be able to offer an optimal solution for the company, the following applications were implemented:

  • Firstly, ZOHO CRM.
  • Also, ZOHO Analytics.
  • In addition, ZOHO Campaigns.
  • ZOHO SalesIQ.
  • ZOHO Survey.

The idea behind the implementation of this group of tools was to be able to trace the entire sales process. From the first impact with the potential client to the final detailed report.

This CRM would focus on the management of each of the new potential clients, their registration sources and the source campaigns. The system was configured so that from the registration form all the impacts made by marketing could be visualized until the registration became a business opportunity.

Apart from that, the business opportunities were prepared to keep track of each of the phases of the sales process, being able to identify the different lines of business, products, and services. A well-structured system was prepared. So that it was possible to obtain all kinds of reports and analyses from the ZOHO Analytics application.

With this integral and personalized solution, this company has managed to obtain a powerful technological package for important improvements in marketing and sales. In addition, of course, to achieve modernization of all work processes involving these departments.

Finally, if you want the same for your business, be it an organization in the technology sector or in other sectors, you can contact us for advice. We have customized solutions for your business and that your organization takes a fundamental step.

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