How WhatsApp has broken into the technology sector

whatsapp en sector tecnológico

How WhatsApp has broken into the technology sector? WhatsApp’s breakthrough in the technology sector has been a real revolution. Therefore, this messaging system has changed the daily lives of people and companies. There are so many users that technological powers such as Facebook have decided to absorb WhatsApp.

Thus assuring itself an increase in the value of the social network. In other words, more than a billion users have transformed the way the world communicates through WhastApp.

Thus, this massiveness and the way in which the tool has influenced people’s lives determines the irruption in the technological sector. Thus, thanks to WhatsaApp, companies have countless advantages for their operations.

WhatsApp and its power in marketing

With so many millions of users across the globe and continued growth in all mobile phone operating systems, this tool has great potential as a marketing tool.

It is a great means of communication and in this way companies integrate it into their marketing strategies, always without generating spam. It represents an excellent opportunity for companies to reach their customers and achieve more and better sales. WhatsApp marketing has become a new trend in digital advertising.

Advantages that WhatsApp means for companies in a framework of digital marketing strategy:

  • It is possible to establish a fast communication with customers in real time.
  • The direct interaction between the company and the client is improved.
  • As it is a personalized communication, it is possible to build trust between the brand and the client.
  • The scope of WhatsApp is unlimited as it reaches people from all over the world.
  • In addition, its interactivity is another advantage as it allows you to send videos, photos, audios, various files as well as carry out calls.

Thus, the technology sector has seen how WhatsApp should be added to the wide range of products offered to companies for their different commercial functionalities and internal functioning of each company. This has given rise to different applications that add to WhatsApp enhancing the tool with spectacular solutions.

We have then, if we go to digital marketing that different actions can be carried out by means of this tool. For example, creating surveys. It is no longer necessary to quote many people to a physical site to ask them about your services and products.

Through WhatsApp you can make an effective survey that gives the company a very useful material. For example, a company can segment its customers according to the results of each survey. You can see the customer’s tastes and opinions quite quickly by gathering valuable information.

For customer service

As for this point WhatsApp is also of impressive utility. Your customers can send their queries, complaints and suggestions easily. They can also be informed quickly and easily.

This tool is undoubtedly viral and effective because it surpasses all others such as, for example, email in terms of opening rates. If you do things correctly a very high percentage of recipients of your message will see it. So you can share in seconds, content on a large scale.

Companies and WhatsApp

This is how companies that provide solutions for companies today are creating software that integrates WhatsApp into powerful tools. For example, impressive tools such as Woztell include WhatsApp in powerful CRM achieving spectacular results. The same goes for e-commerce and customer service platforms.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the main revolutionary events of the 21st century. This is how the technology sector has understood it and the benefits for all parties are proven. Businesses that add technology to their operation and development see how they save on costs, optimize their operation and improve their productivity.

Above all, with more than 1300 million users WhatsApp is a great marketing and customer service tool. Its massiveness is undoubtedly the main quality that indicates the way in which this tool has revolutionized the technology sector.

This has felt the technology sector and therefore today we have more and better solutions for businesses. Through the inclusion of WhatsApp within software for business management is that we can see how this messaging tool has entered the heart of the technology sector.

In conclusion, we can say that WhatsApp has burst into the technology sector going from end to end and being one of the main bastions of communication.

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