Finance software solution

Solución de software para finanzas

Finance case for the children’s leisure sector

The software solution for finance is something that is increasingly sought after by companies that want to modernize. The need to improve work processes and productivity goes hand in hand. There are tools for optimizing financial management of businesses that are so useful that it is an unmissable opportunity for any business that wants to grow and scale-up.

The best way to see this opportunity is to look at examples. There are already more and more companies in different sectors that apply this type of software solution for financial management. You will see how interesting it is to see an example of how a company has managed to get a solution for the financial management of the business customized to the particular characteristics of the same.

Financial software solution. As we were doing before, we publish again a customer success story. In this case, it is a case of finance in the children’s entertainment sector.

Children’s Leisure Sector: description of the company’s activity. Finance software solution.

This client is a company specialized in the installation of children’s games, water parks, fountains and street furniture.

The company did not have an application for administrative management or inventory control. So, in this case, it was all about creating a working system from scratch. I imagine that you will get an idea of the situation of a company that has no system for financial management. A lot of papers, folders, manual work that is very tiring for the employees, a lot of time lost in this kind of task.

On the other hand, the company was interested in managing its accounting and obtaining accounting reports, from which it would send the data to the company it had hired for the fiscal management of its taxes and other tax obligations.

The company’s main need

In addition to the above, this company needed to manage inventory and control the units being installed. For this, they had to take as a basis the receipts of parts and the installation of them, independently of the invoicing.

Solution created for the client. Finance software solution.

Books and Inventory were configured so that most of the accounting information is automatically updated from the billing, collections, and payment management transactions. This was achieved by adapting the system’s accounting accounts and importing the customer’s chart of accounts into ZOHO Books.

With regard to the inventory, merchandise groups and composite items were activated. The former facilitates the creation of articles in the database on a massive scale. The latter are used in the assembly of parts.

When the parts are transferred to the installation site, the shipment is generated, so that the units in transit are reflected in the system. The units finally received for installation and those pending shipment are also reflected.

With the purchase orders and the subsequent registration of supplier invoices, the cycle of goods movement and stock control is closed.

Thanks to Books and Inventory relate to the product with the accounting accounts of income from sales, cost of products sold and stock once recorded the invoice, the journals reflect the changes in stock, expenditure on purchases and income from sales. In addition to applied and borne taxes.

Finally, as you can see, a software solution for finance was configured for this case. If you feel identified with this case you can do the same. Contact us to learn more about these solutions for managing the finances of your business. All companies can access a finance software solution customized to the characteristics of your company.

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