FAQs about ZOHO licenses contracted through SAGITAZ

licencias de ZOHO contratadas a través de SAGITAZ

Frequently asked questions about SAGITAZ ZOHO licenses

Every day we receive various inquiries about ZOHO licenses contracted through SAGITAZ. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions we receive so that you can be more clear about these issues.

1. What is included with the purchase of ZOHO licenses?

When you purchase a license, you can use the functionalities that correspond to the version of each tool that you choose.

2. How many users can access the tool by contracting a license?

The number of users that can access the tools with the purchase of a single license is different depending on the tool we are talking about. Within the ZOHO ecosystem, there are tools per user such as CRM, Recruit, Workplace. These tools can only be accessed by the user with whom the account has been registered.

As far as organizational tools are concerned, such as Books, Projects and Campaigns, they are available to all members of the organization who have registered with ZOHO.
There are also license packages such as ZOHO One and ZOHO CRM Plus. Only one user has access to these, but they allow you to use several tools.

3. Can I upgrade or downgrade once I have signed up?

Yes, you can switch to a higher or lower plan whenever you want. It is as easy as logging in to payments.zoho.com or payments.zoho.eu, depending on the portal where your account is hosted and switching to the desired plan.

4. What happens if I cancel my account after I have paid for it?

If for any reason you have to cancel your subscription and you have already paid for it, you don’t have to worry: ZOHO will reimburse you. The refund will be proportional to the time remaining on the license you have contracted. So you won’t lose any money at any time.

5. Does ZOHO give a discount for the purchase of many licenses?

No, there are no discounts for the number of licenses. The cost of the license will be the same, regardless of the number of licenses. ZOHO only provides a discount, compared to the monthly price, in case of an annual purchase of licenses.

6. Is there any additional cost for contracting the licenses through a partner like SAGITAZ?

No, there is no additional cost for contracting your licenses through a partner.
The cost of the license will always be the same, taking into account the taxes corresponding to the country of invoicing. These taxes must be applied according to the corresponding regulations.

7. What advantages do I have if I contract my licenses through a partner?

You can purchase licenses directly from ZOHO or through a partner. You may be asking yourself: Why should I buy the licenses through a partner and not directly from ZOHO?

  • 1. First of all because of the language and physical proximity. ZOHO is an Indian company with partners all over the world. For most companies, it gives them more confidence to work with someone they have close to them, in addition to doing so in their own language. We are the reference partner at the Spanish-speaking level, although we have offices around the world and in several languages.
  • 2. Secondly, for the after-sales service. A partner will provide you with the support you need once the licenses are contracted. At SAGITAZ we have a free support channel for our paid license clients. We also have free online webinars and custom training if this is not enough for you.
  • 3. Thirdly, for your company in the future. A partner will help you in the implementation of the tools. They will be able to provide you with some type of training and support and, in addition, they will help you to scale your solution when you need it, whether it be with custom functionalities, integrations, etc. Thanks to this, you will be able to take advantage of it to get the most out of your investment in ZOHO.

SAGITAZ will always be available to help you. If you have more questions about the ZOHO licenses you have purchased through SAGITAZ or you need advice about the many tools we offer, please contact us at payments@sagitaz.com.