Offline Surveys with Zoho

Zoho Survey has a very useful feature that not everybody may be aware of. This feature allows you to fill out surveys, store the answers offline and send them right when you get back online.

How can this help me?

Imagine that you participate in a business fair: you reserve your spot, set up your stand, have your team ready and since your objective is to obtain contacts, you have prepared a digital survey to be completed by the visitors and members from other stands using your tablets. But…

Surprise: when you get there you discover that there’s no internet connection!

If you prepared your survey with Zoho Survey, this is not a problem. All you need is to have previously accessed the survey’s URL in your device.

When the moment comes and you need to prepare the tablets so that the attendees can complete the survey, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and copy the Survey’s URL.
  2. Ask the attendees to complete the survey.
  3. Send the stored answers when you’re back online.

The answers are stored offline and can be sent afterwards. Once sent, you will have the information of your new leads right in your Zoho CRM.

“Create your surveys with Zoho Survey and don’t lose the opportunity of gathering important information, even if you don’t have an internet connection!”

What do you think about this feature? The SagitaZ marketing team thinks it is very interesting and quite helpful.

Leave us your comments and tell us if you have tried it, if you think it can help you, what has been your experience….We’re looking forward to hear from you!