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With SagitaZ and Spotfone, if you have Zoho, you have toll-free calls and period.

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The virtual PBX switchboard that integrates with your Zoho

Simplifying VoIP Technology

Own development

Customer service in Spain

Our departments use 100% Spotfone

Hundreds of satisfied customers

We know that there are many VoIP solutions in the market but we could not find any whose integration with Zoho would satisfy us 100%. Complex layouts, unclear rates, costs for receiving calls, customer service often abroad and in another language. Little or complete pseudo integrations with the process and sales flow.

We had to create what did not exist

For this reason, we decided to develop a solution that unites all the power and professional characteristics of the big telephony platforms with the simplicity of management and implementation of virtual PBX switchboards and all integrated in Zoho. After years of development Spotfone was born.

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Virtual PBX Switchboard

We integrate simplicity with sophistication

Discover another way to manage your calls

When a call arrives to your company your Zoho will automatically show the client's tab and business opportunities if already registered. You will have all the information available and during the conversation you will be able to add notes, tasks or any other type of information to that contact

Get calls directly in your


When you receive a call, your Zoho will check in real time what type of contact it is. If it exists, it will display all his / her history to put you in situation and know exactly how to respond

to that call.

It will sound much closer and professional to your client when you say "Good afternoon Andrea, I am Fernando, what can I help you today?" That saying, "Hi, I'm Fernando, who am I talking to?"

From the tab of your contact you just have to click on his / her phone number and Spotfone will automatically make the call. This same operation can be done from your mobile.

Call from Zoho

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Make notes

You can create annotations as you talk with your contact and, in addition to increasing your productivity, it will reflect the result of the conversation. These notes will reappear when you contact again with that person and you will be able to know at a glance the status of all communications with that person or company.

Spotfone will make you meet your call appointments with a click

Missed calls are created as a task within Zoho and a return call is automatically scheduled in the calendar.

Spotfone's Superpower

It's time to call


Web integration | Click2Call

Connect Zoho with your portal to the world

With Spotfone you can easily implement a simple form on your web page where visitors share their call details. Zoho will enter that call data into a queue and Spotfone will automatically call the visitor. This system facilitates the contact of your visitors with your company and allows you to adjust your external calls to the resources that you have available at any moment in a dynamic way.

Your web

Your Zoho

Integrate Click2Call in your:

Web page

Social networks



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You can make calls directly from the contact tab in Zoho both from your desktop or laptop computer as well as from

your own mobile or tablet.

We can also adapt your current analog phone to work with our

VoIP technology.

Feel the freedom to choose

Multiple choices

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Spotfone adds "superpowers" to your Zoho

Management of Call Recordings

Welcome Menus

Direct the calls to the corresponding department



Sending of messages to the desired email


Inbound and Outbound Call Management


Origin, destination, duration, call costs



Summer, winter, local and national holidays, vacations, etc...


Customize and program the sending of messages from our SMS platform

FAX Mail

Receive faxes and voicemails delivered directly to your email accounts


Transcription of calls

to text with word search functionality

Unlimited concurrent lines

Phone Number Transfers

National Geographic Numbers

International numbers

You can have a number in any country in the world and deliver calls on any of your lines with our international number service

Spotfone allows you to perform the portability of your current phone number. You will not have to do any extra management, we take care of doing the portability directly

Use from the first day a local telephone number in different provinces of Spain, and give the sensation of greater presence. Make calls from the province you want

Unlike analog lines, Spotfone creates a queue of calls so you can handle unlimited numbers of people. Your lines will never be busy.

Opens an impressive range of possibilities to manage your business

Lines and numbers

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Professional Support

Enter an unknown world with a team you already know

Always people make the difference

Support Quality:

The factor that makes the difference

The telecommunications sector is a section that is as essential as unknown, where there is a strong competition in which often the price to pay is poor customer service.

Therefore, managing and contact with your customers should not only be based on a simple technological question. But in a solution where first of all reward the human factor and trust with your provider. Because not all companies work the same or have the same communication needs.

We ourselves have been clients before suppliers and we have suffered first hand the results of having an unprofessional service, so for us to offer quality and professional customer service is the priority center that marks our business strategy, something that you will notice from the very first moment you contact us.

SagitaZ is a company dedicated to the development of business with clients in more than 25 countries, and uses ZOHO applications to help its clients in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, customer service, HR and tailor-made projects.

360 Vision in more than 25 countries

You will deal with us and only with us

We are virtual operators of telephony in Spain, we sell our own service of telephony through VoIP on Zoho. We will be your interlocutor, we will know who you are and what are your needs every time you speak with us.

Fast and straightforward custom-made implementation

You will have a telephony service over VoIP in a few days integrated, being carried out the totality of your project through own personnel and not outsourced.

Multidisciplinary quality support, national and international

We work through our own companies in the countries of Spain, France, Argentina and Mexico, displacing our team in the cases that are necessary covering all the countries of the five continents. For this in SagitaZ we have workers capable of working in Spanish, English, French, German and Russian.

Where you are, we are

We can move to your facility and train your workers in a practical and effective way in using Zoho with Spotfone. We have extensive experience in business training.


face-to-face training

We adapt to your schedule

We make the best use of your time

Spotfone FREE here

Large or small, we can adapt and scale Spotfone to all sizes





Large Company

We base our Spotfone Platform on an adaptable infrastructure in real time which means that we are able to scale our resources in a very flexible way, being able to cover telephony services to both entrepreneurs, SMEs and Large Companies with thousands of employees quickly and efficiently .

We can scale Spotfone without limits

Virtual PBX switchboard in the cloud

Fast Implementation

Great scalability

Dynamic scaling

Maximum Productivity

Every business is unique so we adapt to your specific needs as well as your size.

Different possibilities of implementation

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Our engineers will propose solutions to your workflow


We will jointly study your business model and propose different ways to make the management of your calls the most productive

Co-creation of flows

A solution is only as good as the success achieved in its implementation. For this reason a good preparation of an efficient flow strategy is essential so that the processes in the management of the calls work to perfection


Our engineers will configure the virtual PBX switchboard and Spotfone, menus, diversions, schedules, phrases, mobile apps, etc, so that your system of calls works to perfection.

Spotfone adapts to your type of business

Use cases

Take advantage of your contact database as a means of marketing your services or products. Spotfone adapts perfectly to your sales force process making it easy to contact directly with your customer implementing specific utilities for this work increasing the profitability of your business.

Implementing a flow of calls where customers share your data with you before talking to them, has many advantages; Among them, it facilitates the contact of the client to the company and you can also adjust your external calls to the resources that you have available at any moment in a dynamic way. With Spotfone this service is free.


Click 2 Call

An adequate after-sales service will clearly increase the satisfaction of your customer, which will increase the chances of the company's continued acquisition of services to your company and also improve the image of your company globally. Spotfone will help you improve your after-sales service.

At the end of the day, to make decisions, we need data and measurements. Spotfone in conjunction with Zoho will help you learn where your contacts are called, how they have come to you and how they become customers. That way you can adjust your communication strategy to express the right messages in the right places.

After sales


The existence and increase in the number of call centers worldwide shows how important it is today to professionalize voice communication with customers. The technological management of a call center often requires huge acquisition costs. Spotfone and Zoho is a professional solution with excellent value for money at the height of the most demanding situations.

Improve the quality and reliability of support for your customers with Spotfone and Zoho. With this solution you will be able to automate and methodize a great part of the workflows that entails a professional customer service.


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