If you want to be unique, it is not enough to be different; Be exceptional

Meredith West.


aspects that make us unique and exceptional


To see beyond, you have to change the angle of observation

"They anticipate their time in anticipating events that happen afterwards or at the inauguration of a style, a current, a technique, etc., which is later generalized."

What makes our vision exceptional?

When we created SágitaZ in 2010 we had a clear vision that has "guided" us to the present and is our reference to the future to which we move. That vision and the execution of it have taken us where we are now. Although it may seem a topic of marketing image, in our company it is not, we reinvent ourselves constantly, we always rethink our position, we do not take anything for granted or understood, we hire "different" people to tune our way of seeing things With the aim of maintaining harmony in all departments that make up our company and all those people, each in its own way is an exceptional being.

A vision that is already becoming reality

We leave a mark

In a relatively short time we have become the reference company worldwide in the ecosystem on which we base our entire business, which is none other than our main supplier: Zoho.

Master Plan

To achieve our objectives our strategy is composed of small and large plans that we are gradually fulfilling and each one is part of our great vision.


Human Resources

We are growing at a pace that allows us to maintain our essence and the principles on which we base our vision. We are developing projects in more than 25 countries, we have offices in three continents and we work with clients who speak English, Russian, Chinese, French, German and obviously Spanish, among others.

The biggest asset a company can have are (or should be) its workers. In SagitaZ all employees have the possibility to grow and develop professionally. We did not base our choice on "titles" but on the attitude and aptitude of people made our vision.

We have clients worldwide




Puerto Rico

United States











SagitaZ Offices






We apply workflows to everything we do


Applying methodology in SagitaZ we have learned to flow by the apparently uncontrollable and to obtain of this wonderful results.

Mario Rodríguez

CMO from SagitaZ & Zenith

The standardization of procedures is the DNA of SagitaZ.

We take advantage of all available resources to methodize all the projects we do, everything has its site, how to create it and deliver it, everything has its beginning and its end, the standardization of procedures is part of SagitaZ DNA. There is no project for a client that starts in the development department without a clear structuring of it, everything is always thought up to the last detail.










We create what does not exist with what already exists

Our successes and ways of working are so innovative that for this reason we are the most named company in the marketing strategies in Zoho worldwide.

We are experts in Zoho and that means that we innovate and create with Zoho

The vast majority of our projects are based on using the tools we have to develop solutions to problems that have difficult solutions with other types of tools. For this we must innovate, think side by side without reinventing the wheel to keep costs low and deliver our solutions to the customer in the shortest possible time.

We are funny

We had a good time doing what we like

The first thing you will notice, whether as a potential client or as a new worker is that SagitaZ, quite possibly, will be completely different from anything you have ever known.

We take care of our employees and they take care of us (and our clients)

Human factor

People, not "CVs"

We are part of a team

Our business model is based on the harmonious integration of all parties, the parameters on which we base our expansion and the choice of new staff are a varied mix but we mainly value that person, regardless of their knowledge and experience, is integrated in the spirit Of our company.

Here, in addition to finding zero toxic environment, our employees feel the space and the surroundings of the management and of the companions to help them to solve as much as possible any type of personal contingency.


We are concerned that each member of each team knows exactly what to do and should not do. Regular meetings, shared knowledge and group activities, among others, are part of the DNA of SagitaZ

Our employees (and clients)

Learn to think for themselves

They do not have nightmares

Analyze and solve

Are heard

Feel cared for

They grow professionally

If you want be part of our team

Know our job offers

The secret to our success is probably to keep dreaming.

We are creative

We are probably one of the few software-based solutions companies with a creative department with their own licensed to dream about. We do not externalize our ideas, our creations, our talent or our inspiration; on the contrary, we foster it in all the processes of our company and create our own "magic".

Our clients have ideas that we develop with talent

We apply creative processes in all areas of the business

Aplicamos procesos creativos



Analytical Creation


Project development





Human Resources

Business Processes



What is not communicated (in our channels of communication)

does not exist ;)

Since the birth of SagitaZ, expressing and sharing our experiences in our communication channels has been a constant. We are the partner of Zoho that more resources invests in informing and training users. We generate a lot of really useful content, both in written and audiovisual articles, in the form of audios and videos created, with hundreds of tutorials and materclasses produced and post-produced in our own recording studio.

+ 2000


Blog SagitaZ

Blog SagitaZ

We analyze the world Zoho (and not Zoho) that surrounds us

We try to thrill you

With human content

We want you to share

And keep it in mind

We order and give "color" to the information we create

Geoposition and translate articles

We are obsessed with training and sharing our knowledge

More than 800 Videos

Didactic Content

Free Access

Own recording studio

Own training platform

Multi language


We live up to our commitments

Probably one of the biggest problems of our society is the lack of ethics and the non-fulfillment of the commitments that one acquires towards the said and agreed with oneself and with third parties. The application of ethics in SagitaZ is a concept that we can basically summarize in a sentence: "we do what we say and say what we do". In SagitaZ we do not promise things that we do not do, we do not do anything at any price, we do not start projects that we do not finish successfully, we do not charge more or less than we agreed, we pay our workers and we comply with what we have agreed, we seek Respect delivery times and be faithful to our truth.


We are specialists in the services we offer

Today the word "professional" is associated with someone who does his job well done and responsibly. At SagitaZ our professionalism not only face the client, but in all facets in which we develop our business. Everything we do we create and we conceive is by analyzing and considering every last detail. We do not start to develop a project for a client until everything is completely defined, we do not take it for granted until it really is. Our project managers review and check the processes and tasks daily with the development department and the customer support is monitored constantly.


We stay in line with our customers and our suppliers

One of the situations that is often repeated fairly regularly in SagitaZ is that many of our clients end up becoming our partners and friends, without doing it on purpose, it simply arises, that is probably the result that leads to being faithful to a way of working , A style, an ethics and professionalism and to be ourselves loyal to our suppliers and partners. It is a chain that becomes strong, in which we minimize weaknesses by being loyal to ourselves and by those who work with us.





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