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In SAGITAZ we are called Zohianos, some authentic ZOHO evangelizers.

Therefore, our HQ is like a sacred place in which each corner is totally dedicated to ZOHO.

Here, we don´t only work with ZOHO:


we live ZOHO, we are ZOHO

As in any religion, we have our own altars:

Development altar

Finance altar

Sales&Marketing altar

No one better than our developers can give you what you need. They are unique thanks to their energy, passion and enthusiasm to carry out all kinds of projects with ZOHO technology.

The finances of your company need to be in good hands. For this, we have our financiers specialized team in ZOHO tools.

They are the first contact you will have with us, to whom you will have to trust your needs to help you find a solution. No one better than them will know how to do it.

Departamento Producción SagitaZ
Departamento Finanzas SagitaZ
Departamento ventas y Marketing SagitaZ

SAGITAZ Developers team

SAGITAZ Finance team

SAGITAZ Sales team

You can USE our space

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Come with all your team to celebrate your annual conventions and/or meetings and enjoy our amenities, technology and totally Zohizated environment.

Are you or do you want to become an authentic Zohiano? The best way to get it is entering in ZOHO world and, what is better than getting in its temple?

ZOHO environment

Customized rooms

Different space

We provide different adapted rooms according to the number of people and your needs.

Keeping your team motivated is a must have. One way to do it is to turn a meeting into a special occasion by leaving the usual working space.

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Let us know what you need and we will train you and your team. The most qualified staff will be with you in every moment to help you and solve all your doubts.

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to share your ideas, concerns and projects with us and others like you? Here you have the perfect place for this.

Are you a ZOHO Newbie and would you like to enter in the ZOHO world? Come to SAGITAZ and get the ZOHO culture.

Custom training


ZOHO Newbie

Especialized training


New employee


Your space in SAGITAZ


We have the best professionals in each sector to train you in a specialized way in each of the ZOHO tools in the most efficient possible way.

In SAGITAZ we have created a new concept: ZOHO Hub, is focused in every people that work or want to work with ZOHO and share the experiences with others.

If you want your new employees to have a basic knowledge on ZOHO and to arrive with a unique vision and way of work, leave their OnBoarding in our hands.

Do you need a space where to make your own trainings? Come to use our space. It´s the best place for your trainings to do not turn into simple boring classes.

Do you need only a space where you can work in your own projects? In SAGITAZ you will always have a slot for you.

Do you want to be a member of SAGITAZ team? You can come here, maybe we have something for you...





Working in our incubators

OnBoarding in SAGITAZ

Finance training to the company Integra STI in SAGITAZ

Annual convention company Farmaquatrium in SAGITAZ

Here you have your place

The best location

2 min walk from

La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias


Easy access

15 min from


5 min from


10 min from

Train station






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