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Frequently asked questions

  • What is SagitaZ?

SagitaZ focuses on business development based on ZOHO technology.

  • Why SagitaZ?

If you want to know all the advantages of working with us, click here

  • What is Zoho all about?

Zoho is a SaaS product suite aimed at individuals, students, educators and above all, at small and medium enterprises.

  • How do I start?

To start, you only have to visit our Free Registration website and choose the application you´re interested in. We will ask for your e-mail address, a password and a verification code to avoid that spammers use our services. Once you read and  accept the terms and conditions and Privacy policy, you will receive and email requesting that you verify your account. You can immediately start using the service. The Zoho services allow a Single Sign On (SSO) in all the applications, therefore once you suscribe to a service, you will have access to all the other services with the same username or email address and password.

  • What obligations does this entail?

It does not entail any obligations. The registration form is property of ZOHO Corp (not SagitaZ Corp), and it is just a data collection identical to the one made in the portal www.zoho.com. The difference is that you will not only be registering in Zoho but you will also be part of the SagitaZ community.

  • Is it necessary to register?

It is necessary to be a registered user to use any of the Zoho applications. With just one username and password you will be able to access any tool and it won´t be necessary to log in every time you want to change open or close an application. This is something very useful when reading a mail, reviewing a projects, creating an event on the calendar and keep reading the e-mail...in an integrated way.

  • Paid service

First you must register for free, and then upgrade your services within the application. If you need help defining your plan, contact us and we´ll help you. We use Zoho and other tools such us Google apps, Evernote, Mailchimp,e tc. and we can advise you according to your objectives.

  • Wich browser to use?

Zoho tools work well in any browser, from our experience Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work pretty well. Internet Explorer if is not up to date can give some trouble. You can check out the agility of cloud work on our YouTube Channel, AprendeConSagitaZ.

  • Is my data secure?

Your information will always remain secure and private.





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