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Professional support with experts

What is SagitaZ Business Network?

A business network for entrepreneurs and companies that wish to go further in an environment of innovative and creative business development in continuous expansion based on ethical, professional and transparent business practices.

At SagitaZ we evolve

We reinvent ourselves

New offices

New energy and new projects

We create a new business culture where human resources are first.

We start a new journey where our goal is to be world leaders in our sector.

We are growing at a great pace and starting a new phase in our new facilities.

We create new business structures and departments such as marketing and finance.

New University Degrees, Zenith, we're opening offices in America and Russia, we're re-creating our corporate marketing.







We set new goals

We are restructuring

We're expanding and creating a Business Network

Easy and professional


Business Network

Members Program

Ethical work methods

Pay transparent commissions

In our business network, ethics are above winning at any cost. Here the end doesn't justify misleading practices.

The agreements we reach with each partner are strictly respected, in content and time-wise.

Parameterized Sales Zoho CRM

Exclusive training programs

You will have a CRM ready to do your work in the most effective and practical way.

We organize exclusive and frequent events, meetings and training programs for our partners

Offer professional support to your customers

Pre-sales support

You will benefit from our knowledge and experience

Product Knowledge

Zoho offers and develops an ecosystem of services that are constantly evolving. There are more than 30 products and their mobile versions, which are regularly updated by adding new features and interconnected to each other to offer simple or complex solutions to different needs.

Extensive knowledge on 30+ Zoho Apps

Vision to create custom solutions


Resources and structure

Many resources, structure, experience, business vision and human capital are necessary to offer professional solutions to meet the customers’ needs and it is not enough to know everything about the Zoho solutions but to also know how these compare to other products that offer theoretically similar solutions

or features.

Resources and structure

Knowledge about competitors

Business vision and consulting services

Experience and projects

The market demands more integration

Marketing Sales




Just a few years ago having CRM knowledge was enough to cover a wide range of customer needs, but the increase in the amount of information and its variety makes necessary a more integrated information management and the advantages of obtaining the required services with the least number of suppliers make it necessary to have a broader knowledge of both the Zoho tools and the integration between them.













Understand the problem to create the solution

In the end everything is a matter of balance, to know and detect both the needs of your customer and the possibilities offered by Zoho as a provider to develop and offer the solution that meets your customers’ needs as required by the situation as well as the development and delivery times.

Advisory and implementation

Product managers

Experienced Developers

Support structure



Customers needs

Situation analysis and possible solution

Solution development time

Define implementation stages

Set clear objectives.


With us you will gain visibility

Start presentation

We generate content and presentations tailored to your customers' goals

At SagitaZ we do not outsource our creativity, we have our own marketing and content creation team. We create our own web pages, videos, graphics, presentations, multimedia content, etc.

With us the quality of communication with your customers or contacts will considerably improve and we will help you offer a more professional and dynamic look.

Improve your communication with professional presentations

Have a Marketing

team at your service


With us you can improve your online and social network presence

SagitaZ is the partner of Zoho with more activity in Internet, we generate contents, articles, videos and news every day of the year. We probably create more content about everything surrounding Zoho, than all that is created around the rest of business suites. In our partner program we will create with you an internet presence plan so that your clients not only know us but also you. This is another great advantage of joining us.

Learning the use of tools and their application

The complexity of our business lies in the proper way to implement the tools of Zoho to solve the problems and needs of the customer, as well as the interaction of these with those that may already exist in the organization of the client.

The Zoho ecosystem is regularly updated and constantly in progress. Both you and your partner, as well as your clients, must learn how to handle this evolution through the training actions we carry out. These are done both face-to-face and via remote learning through our eLearning platform.

High specialization trainings

Access to high-level technical documentation

Periodic webinars

Specialized training in sales and consulting

Focusing on business objectives is fundamental



Learn from the best specialists

Creation of Custom Strategies


For those partners who do not have business experience in product marketing in different market types, or knowledge in goal-setting techniques, as well as the workflows to be applied to achieve successful results, SagitaZ will assist you in the creation of a customized business strategy plan adapted to your resources and possibilities.

Definition of business objectives

Specification of own Resources

It is important to define concrete goals when carrying out a project in order to carry out a plan aimed at achieving the desired results.

To be clear with what conditions and from where we set out together is vital, so we can establish the necessary resources to gather.

Identify your areas of influence

Required Training

We will help define the geolocated zones with the greatest impact on the commercialization of the agreed services.

In order to professionalize and standardize the communication, pre-sales and after-sales strategies, it is important that the partner receives from SagitaZ the necessary knowledge.

Opportunities management (Leads)

Based on the partner's characteristics and resources, geographic location, capabilities, customer type and needs, Qualified Business Opportunities received by SagitaZ will be assigned to the partner. To streamline this process, SagitaZ uses the appropriate communication channels created for this type of information exchange by using automated processes that allow to control and monitor the leads management done by the partner.

Work method

By joining our organization as a partner, we will train you in how and what to communicate to your customer or contact at all times, to achieve this, you must make a correct use of your CRM which we will adapt to the sales and marketing processes for the applications and services provided by Zoho and SagitaZ. You will have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so you can measure the result of your work.

Cross Selling and Upselling

Through marketing actions, support and analysis of existing customers, cross selling or additional services opportunities can be identified,  these findings will be timely communicated to the partner for follow-up.

Contact other partners through our channels and forums


Common partners network

At SagitaZ we believe that the development of new ideas and projects is of common benefit and it is one of the fundamental pillars of our Business Network. To promote communication and ideas exchange between our partners, we have developed different communication channels.

Business Network Connect Platform

Contact other entrepreneurs

Find new business opportunities

Start new projects

Meet people you can get along with

Engage in interesting conversations

Share experiences

We organize meetings where we form, create and promote business development


Periodic Meetings and Events


Events are a tool for approaching both the partner and the client in an environment where the exchange of ideas, training and knowledge are promoted, as well as the human factor and the energy that is created when there is close communication in a proactive environment.

B2B and B2C Events

You will have the possibility to participate in our annual events that take place at least twice a year. We try to organize them in places that promote inspiration and the creation of new ideas. During these events there will be activities where partners, clients, speakers and guests will have the opportunity to know each other in different ways and relate in a special form.


 Market evolution

Success stories

News and new features

Relations between partners

Business development

Networking Activities

Monthly Video Conference

At SagitaZ we organize a monthly video conference with all the partners where we review topics similar to the ones of the events. This video conference has the advantage of a lesser cost and a much smaller effort organization-wise.

Learn the latest trends from the best speakers at our events


Development forums

At our annual events we invite some of the most innovative and creative speakers in the world. With them you will learn success stories, techniques to improve and make your business grow, how to apply new technologies in your workflows, as well as valuable tips from personal experiences among other topics. Our events are a great opportunity to stay updated about the latest trends and get in touch with innovative and enterprising people and companies.

Our Events will help you to >

Shed light on your ideas

Adjust your course

Make the most of your tools

Start a journey of discovery

Enjoy a pleasant ambience

Set goals

Reactivate your energy

With us, neither you nor your customers will feel this way

Support and After-Sales care


A complete support team

At SagitaZ Business Network we believe that the right and effective help to our partners and customers is fundamental. We cannot conceive a healthy and successful business without an adequate support team that backs up all the actions, projects and sales that we carry out every day.

Improved response times

We are international


We work with SLAs to ensure that the response and resolution times are within the timeframe agreed with the client.

Our support team can serve clients in Spanish and English.

Experienced product managers

Risk protection

You will have a CRM ready to do your work in the most effective and practical way.

In order to minimize risks, we apply strategies in which we foresee the least possible amount of incidences.

Click2Call Phone Service

Optimized helpdesk

Thanks to voIP we can efficiently serve a large number of people by phone.

Our support center is configured to handle emails and tickets in the shortest time possible.

Daily training webinars

At SagitaZ we offer daily training webinars on the different Zoho products. We also have daily training courses for our partners.


In case of conflicts between partners or between customers and partners, SagitaZ will directly intervene. Because our business network operates globally, we will also intervene in any conflict that may occur with other Zoho partners.

We give you the best of us and we expect the best of you.

Obligations as a Partner

Committed professional growth


SagitaZ Business Network is a project based on commitment, ethics and transparency. All members must meet a series of conditions, which make clear that whoever wants to form part of the network is determined to create real business opportunities and bet on this growth strategy. To this end, the partners must formally commit by contract to comply with the entry conditions.

Follow the training plan

Train on Zoho CRM


At least one team member must carry out the training plan on the products that will be marketed with us.

A basic requirement is that at least one team member must train and become a Zoho CRM expert.

Obtain passing scores on the exams.

Attend the biannual meetings

It is important that the partners or their specialists are up to date on product novelties and demonstrate the acquisition of this new knowledge.

If you belong to our Business Network, it means that you want to be present in all aspects which also implies attending all the events.

Organize their own events

Comprehensive management of your company with Zoho

When organizing events, the partners can count on SagitaZ to help them book speakers and specialists, prepare presentations, promote the event, find the right facilities, etc.

It would be very difficult to advise other people or companies to use what you do not use in your business for the development of your business.

Communicate 2 success stories per year

Opportunities follow-up

Document at least 2 success stories per year to be published in the Business Network.

The partner commits to follow up on leads found through events or qualified leads assigned by SagitaZ and provide customer care.

As a partner, you can obtain income from service sales comissions and projects.

Income and Finance

A great business network


One of the most important aspects of being a SagitaZ Business Network (SBN) member is the possibility to obtain regular income from marketing services, products and projects offered by the SBN in addition to a strong and experienced support structure to help you offer quality services and professional support to your customer.

Advantages of being a SagitaZ Business Network member.

Obtain a regular monthly income from selling licenses

Possibility of offering project financing plans to your customers.

Carry out projects together with other partners.

Help to organize your own events for your customers and / or opportunities.

Offer your own products and resources to other partners and customers.

Help to organize your own events for your customers and / or opportunities.

Meet other partners and share experiences and knowledge.

Access to privileged information, news and future updates.

Receive commissions for the completion of projects initiated by you.

Exclusive and professional support for you and your customers.





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