Cloud methodology as a way of working

metodología cloud como forma de trabajo

The cloud methodology as a way of working is imposed on the most modern and successful companies.

The success of companies that have implemented the cloud methodology with Zoho solutions, for example, is evident. These changes made by companies are accompanied by cultural changes. In these changes and digital transformations it is necessary to integrate profiles according to the objectives that are planned (suitable personnel). This transformation of companies is based on information and communication technologies (ICT).

Even more, when a company is transformed through new methodologies in the ways of working we will have to have the right people and the most valued software. So, staff training will be essential. The management and technical profile will be the most valued by companies.

The cloud methodology as a way of working is going to help companies a lot in this process of change towards the digital.
This methodology could be called as follows: ICT services are provided from a central office accessed via the Internet or private networks. These services can be databases, servers, storage, applications, etc. For example, a CRM or software that allows us to manage the relationship with customers.

This clear trend that is developing in the market allows companies to focus on business and forget about technology.

Certainly, it is an evolution that is taking place in the market for the provision of services with migrations towards the cloud model.

By means of these cloud methodologies, companies can have access to services provided by organisations that have the best information technology resources. In this way, they benefit from the agility, scalability and reliability they provide, and can focus on business improvement.

These migrations to the cloud are not easy and companies have to see how to convert their systems and processes to transport them to the cloud. All this while ensuring that the quality of service is maintained.
In order for the new cloud methodology to be successful, it is good to establish a project and a method. To begin with, a transformation or pre-sale consultancy is carried out. The following questions are asked: Which providers can we use for this new cloud model?

Are there business systems that cannot be transformed and how can they coexist with those that have been converted? How can we determine the levels of service required for the business? Which systems require backup and data recovery solutions after a disaster?

From these statements you can go out to the market to see the best proposals that best fit our demand. This is how many clients have come to Sagitaz for being Zoho’s partner. This is because it is an ideal solution for almost all types of companies that require a cloud methodology for their business.

Many providers are going to make proposals about migration to the cloud and which services would be taken to the cloud. This is the part of the offer that each company is going to receive. The provider will analyse in detail the characteristics of the business in order to assimilate its offer to the customer.

Then there is the transition and transformation towards cloud methodology as a way of working.

For example, you contract one of Sagitaz’s solutions and then this provider must take control of the new client’s IT infrastructure. In this way, control is taken and the transition and transformation are carried out without harming the client company’s operation in any way. It is a very important stage. Therefore you must have a provider of quality and proven experience in these issues.

It ends with the stage of running the service. Once the transformation to the cloud is complete, the service must be managed. Goals are also established to improve the service in a certain period of time. You will have a service from the management provider that will guarantee your success. Thus, a service manager will manage the service daily, in the short and medium term.

From the solutions offered by Zoho Partner as Sagitaz your company’s work processes will be optimized. Changes usually generate resistance but in the short term you will see how all aspects of your business will improve.

In short, the cloud methodology as a way of working today and into the future determines that companies that do not use it will remain in prehistory. Those who are already taking advantage of these solutions are generating the basis for the present and the future. Best of all, cloud solutions are ready and improving every day. You just have to trust a provider like Sagitaz who will give you the best support.

Start today to enter the future! Improve the productivity of your company and take a qualitative leap. Contact us today and ask for the best solution.