12 excuses of an inefficient sales agent

billetes de dolar enrollados en forma de cono metidos en la tierra de un huerto

Are you trying to improve your sales structure with Zoho?

Zoho can help you increase your business sales volume, organize and speed up your sales process. But that’s not all it takes, you also need to get rid of the excuses from inefficient sales agents.

Those who look for excuses to not sell, find one for every month of the year. Here is an example based on holidays, traditions and vacation periods in the Spanish market.

1. January

January is the “coming back from Christmas holidays” month and in most cases companies don’t go back to normal until January 9th. This is almost mid-month, so there’s less time to sell. In addition, peoples is for focused on what everyone did during the holidays rather than on the business, so it is impossible to sell anything.

2. February

This month only has 28 days, except for the leap-year that has 1 more day. But luckily for those who look for excuses, 2017 is not a leap-year. Less days, less sales.

3. March

In the Spanish market, if you intend to sell something in Valencia during this year, you can already forget about it. From March 15th to March 19th, the biggest holiday of this community takes place: Fallas. Because of this the entire month is lost.

4. April

April is the month of Easter holidays. This involves about 2 weeks in which companies are not 100% operative, and the rest is on vacations. This is why April is not a good month to sell.

5. May

This is the month when most of the Spanish companies already know the dates for summer vacations within the next few months. This is a great month to sell for travel agencies, but if you work in another industry there’s nothing to do.

6. June

In a country like Spain, you can already start feeling the summer heat, schools begin the summer-break, and most people are already enjoying their vacation time. Definitely, companies don’t plan to buy anything on June.

7. July

Temperatures rise, vacations, your need for the summer –break increases while your desire to work decreases, this is why there’s nothing to sell during July.

8. August

Don’t even bother to contact anyone to try to sell because all companies are closed for summer-break.

9. September

Many people don’t come back from vacations until the second week of September, and the rest of the month is perfect for sharing all your summer stories but not for selling.

10. October

October doesn’t look so bad: it has 31 days, no vacations period, no holidays… during October you can sell, but if you snooze, you lose because Halloween is knocking on the door!

11. November

It’s November and there is not much to do, you need to replace Halloween decoration and customs for the Christmas one.

12. December

The last month of the year is almost the worst. In Spain, the 6th and 8th are holidays and right behind comes Christmas…

Can you believe these 12 excuses?

Don’t let them fool you! The SagitaZ sales team proved last December that there’s no bad month to sell. In the last two weeks of December we managed to achieve 70% of our sales objective. Read all about it HERE.

If you also want to improve your sales process, stay away from this excuses!