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SAGITAZ is a systems integrator with consolidated teams and over 15 years of experience working across the Zoho suite , operating from offices in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. Our ideal client is one seeking a partner to support their growth in the coming years, equipped with an in-house team ready to absorb knowledge and best practices for using the 40+ apps we integrate.

...and start enhancing your business today with tailor-made solutions.

In 15 years of experience, over 1000 clients have already placed their trust in us.

Custom solutions for your business

Strategic Consulting

You'll have expert guidance to align the technology available in the Zoho suite with your business goals.

Horizontal and Vertical Implementation

We specialize in integrating Zoho solutions across all departments of your company, optimizing every business area, and focusing intensely on those facing the most significant challenges.

Customization, Integrations, and Tailor-Made Developments

We understand that every company has its way of doing things. Therefore, we adapt Zoho tools to meet your needs and interconnect with your systems.

Support and Continuous Improvement

We are with your team every step of the way, ensuring that your system evolves alongside your company.

Technical and Methodological Training

We train your team to maximize the use of the implemented solutions, ensuring optimal performance and project success.

Zoho License Management

We help you manage your licenses efficiently, ensuring the best quality-price ratio and that you only pay for what you need.

Focus solely on your business with Zoho

The Zoho suite includes over 45 applications, including sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, operations, and more.

Zoho offers an integrated system to transform your company’s various activities into a more connected and agile organization. Increase the productivity of your entire company, provide better customer experiences, and boost your sales.

Focus on what matters most: running your business.

Zoho Social
Social media
Zoho SalesIQ
Live chat
WhatsApp and LiveChat
WhatsApp Integration
Zoho Voice

Turn your conversations into sales

At SAGITAZ, we are experts in conversational solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Integrating these solutions with Zoho will maximize your interaction with your customers and ensure effective, personalized communication that generates profits.

Our client Success Stories are our best introduction


SAGITAZ is the top implementation team in the Spanish-speaking world, offering flexibility and a great team of professionals at reasonable costs.


SAGITAZ has been spectacular. They have been our technology partners ever since and have played a crucial role in the development of our application.


With SAGITAZ, we have achieved things we never thought possible in record time. Now, we have precise control over our processes.


Without SAGITAZ, the path to Zoho would not have been possible. It was a brutal change towards innovation. We were thrilled when they showed us what we had created and where we were going.


Things used to be complicated, but now everything is on one platform. Communication with SagitaZ is straightforward. Thanks to working with SagitaZ, all the adaptation and customization were achieved.


SAGITAZ helped us stop using Excel. Implementing Zoho CRM and creating a custom app for managing orders quickly and easily has changed our way of working.

Why choose SAGITAZ?

Experience and Trust

With 15 years of history, hundreds of satisfied customers, and recognition as a Zoho Premium Partner, we position ourselves as leaders in technology solutions based on the Zoho suite. We offer quality assurance, deliverability, and professionalism in our services.

Personalized Approach

We understand that each business is unique. Our agile methodology and multidisciplinary team adapt to your changing needs, offering solutions that meet your current objectives and scale with your growth.

Long-term Commitment

We have become your trusted technology partner, committed to the quality and success of your projects. With SAGITAZ, you get more than a service provider; you get an ally on your journey to business excellence.

We Are Zoho Lovers

Since 2010, SAGITAZ has operated solely with Zoho, making every team member a Zoho Lover. “If it’s not Zoho, it doesn’t exist,” is the founder’s motto, who has since opened offices worldwide and created successful new companies selling products, services, and SaaS—all orchestrated with Zoho.

Our Zoho Implementation Process

1- Analysis of Your Business Needs
Discovery sessions to understand your objectives and challenges. Detailed evaluation of your current processes.
2- Configuration and Customization of Zoho CRM
We tailor Zoho CRM to your specific needs. Integrations with other tools and systems you already use.
3- Training and Technical Support
Training sessions adapted to different roles within your company—continuous technical support to ensure a smooth transition.
Strategic Consulting
Project Development

What our clients say about us

Estudio Cutignola
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Since 2013, from Argentina, we have co-created with SAGITAZ, building solutions for our accounting firm and even 'Zohofying' other companies in our country.
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Working with SAGITAZ for the installation and initial setup of Zoho CRM has been a good experience for us. The ability of the SAGITAZ team to install and customize the CRM from scratch has been crucial in creating a tool that perfectly fits our business needs
Grinenco Abogados S.R.L
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The 10,000 km distance initially made us hesitant to hire SAGITAZ in Spain, but they came highly recommended by a good friend. We needed a custom portal that could be built step by step, and for that, SAGITAZ's workshop culture, proximity, and availability have been crucial.
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Collaborating with SAGITAZ on commercial management through Zoho CRM, we have found an ideal solution for our needs in the education sector. SAGITAZ's ability to adapt and understand the specific challenges of our industry has been vital in developing a tool that continuously improves our business processes.
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The daily use of ZOHO CRM, DESK, and Books and having the right analytics in ZOHO ANALYTICS for correct decision-making has become strategic. The support from our implementer, SAGITAZ, has been crucial in propelling us as a benchmark in our sector.
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Collaborating with SAGITAZ on commercial management through Zoho CRM, we have found an ideal solution for our needs in the education sector. SAGITAZ's ability to adapt and understand the specific challenges of our industry has been vital in developing a tool that continuously improves our business processes.
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SAGITAZ doesn't sell things it doesn't know; it sells what it uses every day. Their workshop culture, similar to mine, convinced me. I remember their CEO showing me on his screen how their company handles thousands of emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp messages integrated with ChatGPT, all documented in ZOHO Desk. I wanted the same, starting from something simple to reaching that level.
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Sagitaz has once again demonstrated its excellence in restructuring our CRM, achieving remarkable efficiency in our agents' performance and increasing productivity. Their work included the development of a custom quote tool that has simplified the process for our agents by quickly providing them with insurance plans tailored to customer needs with minimal data.
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SAGITAZ is the ideal company for those who want to push the boundaries of ZOHO. We implemented our customer service using ZOHO Desk when the manufacturer had not yet met certain needs. SAGITAZ adapted the platform to minimize future technological debt and allowed for the refactoring of the solution once ZOHO launched its native solution.
Becolve Digital
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SAGITAZ supported us in 2019 by migrating from our old Zoho license to Zoho ONE. Since then, they have become the essential professional partner to make the most of the Zoho suite. Additionally, they help us continue to customize the tool to our needs.
AGM Sports
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ZOHO was introduced to the AGM in 2016, and the beginnings took work. Many years have passed since then, and SAGITAZ has always been by our side in one way or another when we needed it. The benefit of partnering with this premium ZOHO partner is discussing issues about the limits of features, new solutions, and best practices in ZOHO ONE or simply getting inspiration from what SAGITAZ is doing in other industries.
Evaluando Software
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Zoho is one of the best product suites for businesses of all sizes. The added value comes from trained, experienced partners, such as Sagitaz: their knowledge and experience make the difference.
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Collaborating with Sagitaz on implementing Zoho CRM has been a significant step forward for us, improving the management of our bookings and online sales. Their customized approach and integration with WooCommerce through Zoho Creator, tailored reports, and the implementation of WhatsApp have optimized our operations, enhancing the management of wine sales and visits to our winery.
Institutos Nebrija
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Highly recommended company for implementing Zoho CRM. From the beginning, they have been attentive to us, helping to define the project, advising us, and always supporting us. Once the CRM was implemented in the institution, we continued working with them to improve and expand the project. They respond quickly and effectively to any incidents or questions that arise. I hope we continue collaborating with them for a long time.

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